Your Purpose is Talking to You, Stop Ignoring It 

(Is your business leading you away from your purpose? Don’t be afraid to walk away.)

Life is busy for everyone. Whether you have kids, a cat, a troublesome car or a finicky boss, a quick peek into your daily schedule most likely reveals a flurry of activity and obligations. Most people like to believe that they’re innately in tune with their own lives, but is this the truth?

The number of people young and old alike who are in search of their true purpose in life is staggering, and that leaves some to wonder, why? Sadly, many are simply too busy to be able to sit back and listen to what their own lives are saying. Life will not jump out in front of you and shake you by the shoulders, but it will speak in its own way, through patterns and accidents and even painful experiences. Ready to understand what life is saying? Narrow down the following three items and you just might find that life has been whispering to you all along:


  • Patterns: The pattern in everyone’s life is unique, but it creates a unifying thread throughout a person’s existence that truly speaks to who that person is. Do you find yourself in a series of service roles? Are you always networking or gravitating toward certain types of people? Dig deep and discover the pattern that has crisscrossed its way through your timeline.
  • Accidents: Okay, so you never imagined yourself taking on a summer internship, but after running into the leader of the program, she convinced you to apply. Or, that cute little coffee shop that you stumbled upon after getting lost is where you now do your best creative work. These accidents are more than just tiny blips in your life. Look back on the biggest accidents that have had the largest impact on your life thus far and find the pattern unifying them.
  • Painful experiences: Joy and sadness are two sides of the same coin, and perhaps no one can truly understand the importance and impact of great experiences without going through a few painful ones. The job with the difficult boss, the business deal that dealt a blow to your career, and the relationship that distracted you from life goals are all experiences that might have been difficult and painful at the time, but they can provide profound information. Stop trying to forget those painful experiences and learn from them instead.


It is easy to become jealous of those who discovered their purpose early on in life and seem to live it every day, but avoid focusing on others and turn back to your own life. If you’re willing to listen, you may just discover that it’s been speaking to you all along.

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