Your Best Self Is Best for Business

Running a business is difficult. Really difficult. A lot of business owners are reluctant to admit just how overwhelming the whole process can be. Of course, there is something to be said for keeping a stiff upper lip and treading through troubled waters despite obstacles; however, there needs to be an element of self-care in the mix.


Before reaching a point of pure exhaustion or breakdown, remember what it means to be your best self. Does your best self rise before the sun or have a sharp eye for business opportunities? Make a list of what it takes to keep your best self on top. Stumped? Consider the following to get your own list jump-started:


  • Make your needs a priority.
  • Acknowledge your mistakes and then move past them.
  • Keep up that motivation!
  • Focus on your goals.
  • Don’t fear failure; learn from it.
  • Stop skimping on sleep.
  • Remember your worth.
  • Understand that failure is not rejection.
  • Set aside personal time.
  • Stay assertive in business and in your personal life.
  • Reward yourself when you succeed.


Making yourself a priority is somewhat counterintuitive, especially when you often face dozens of other pressing needs. Remember your flight attendant’s advice, and take care of yourself before getting to work on any other tasks. If you are not your best self, chances are that your business will not live up to your standards either.

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