You Need More Than A Good Idea

good idea

Do you have a great idea for your company or for a new business? It’s great to have a good or novel idea, but that’s only half of the overall battle. You also need to be able to sell it. It’s no good having a good idea if you are the only one who thinks it’s a good idea. You also have to learn how to persuade others to think in the same way you do. In a very real sense, you have to be able to sell your ideas if you want them to go anywhere.

To make your ideas work, you’ll have to get multiple people on the same page as yourself. This could be more challenging than you may think. Not only will you need to outline your idea, but you’ll have to cast a vision for why it’s good or necessary. It’s critical to be able to explain how your idea fleshes out long-term, not just how it will work in the initial stages.

Additionally, you have to establish yourself as someone who knows what they are talking about. You can have a great idea, but it’s worthless if people don’t believe that you have credibility in the field. Don’t be afraid to mention your education and experience as well as be ready to provide evidence that establishes your right to speak about the subject matter.

Finally, be willing to listen to feedback, questions and criticism about your idea. Be open to continuing to develop your thoughts about it and adjusting things that don’t work. There is no such thing as a perfect idea, but there is such thing as a good idea that gets even better with continual development.

If you have a good idea, don’t just shout it to the world and expect amazing things to happen. Treat your idea with care, taking steps to make sure your voice is heard by the right people. Persuasion and persistence are key factors in getting a good idea off the ground and running.

By Meagan Kerlin for Vertu Marketing LLC

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