You Could be 2 Questions Away from a Purpose-Filled Life

Think that you are living your purpose but not entirely sure? Occasional doubt and worry is a normal aspect of life, but when it comes to your purpose, there should be a burning acknowledgement deep within you that sparks to life with each action. Still not convinced that you are on the right path? Try asking yourself the following question:

Am I living a life filled with passion and excitement?

This can be a tricky question, so give it a bit of thought before answering. Stress and busy schedules can masquerade as excitement, so really give all of the tasks that take up your day (yes, even the small ones) serious consideration. If the answer is “no,” ask yourself this:

Am I living up to my full potential?

If you feel as if there is no purpose in your life, the answer to this one is probably a resounding “NO.” Take a minute to reflect here. If you could improve one area of your life and guarantee that in that particular one area you would eventually be able to meet and exceed your potential, what would it be?

Driven entrepreneurs understand the value of self-reflection and know just how important this is. After all, it can be exceptionally difficult to lead and guide a business by its purpose when the owner still does not have a solid handle on his or her own.

Wish that you could live your life with the same fiery passion for every new day? Who knows, you couldbe just a few questions away from that reality.

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