Yes, You CAN Be Productive on Facebook

Just because social media use is widespread does not mean that most users are proficient at using it to their advantage. Of course, the vast majority of Facebook and Twitter users are not setting out to build a platform or promote a product, so this is not exactly a skill that most people pick up by sharing vacation plans or liking a picture of a friend’s baby.

What business owners should strive to do is get those same users engaging with the content of their business’s page, and not just the highly addictive Facebook games. Those who have already attempted to establish a successful business social media page know that reaching new and existing customers takes much more work than posting a few links back to the company website. Before throwing in the towel, try some of these tips to help grow your social media presence.

  • Give customers a platform to communicate by postingcontent that encourages them to reply or share information of their own. Engaging with those who actually use your product or service will provide further insight into the needs and wants of your customers.
  • Use that information to stay relevant. Tie your product, blog post, website or business’s purpose into more of the posts that your social media fans actually want to see. Remember, there is no conversation without content. Be sure to post regularly!
  • Try not to let social media take over your life. Entrepreneurs do not need hours on end to be productive but rather allotted periods of time devoted to certain tasks.

In the online world, social media is practically a way of life. In order to grow your business to its full potential, a bit of social media savvy can be precisely what you need.

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