Working Vacation: Don’t Leave Your Days Off On The Table

working vacation

Are you busy to the point where taking time off seems impossible? Are you afraid taking a vacation could compromise your career, projects or the overall health of your business? Many American workers and business owners take very little vacation time every year, with many of them simply leaving a majority of their vacation days unused. There is an unspoken assumption that those who work the most will be the most successful, but there is significant evidence to the contrary. In fact, people who take vacations and time away from work are often more productive and better employees.

It may seem impossible right now, but it is good for your overall wellness and mental health to take vacations. One way you can have the best of both worlds — time away while still managing your responsibilities — is to take a working vacation. With advances in technology and good wifi available almost anywhere, you can work from the beach, the mountains or wherever you choose to go. Working vacations can allow you the balance between spending time with your family and checking on things at work.

In order to make a working vacation work, you have to commit to minimizing your time on the computer or your phone, otherwise you might as well be back in the office. Work for two or three hours in the morning, check-in at lunch and stop checking your email after a certain time. Determine the bare minimum of work you will need to do, then commit to sticking to a schedule while you are away so you can make the most out of your vacation hours.

If a full-fledged vacation with no work responsibilities is not an option, consider a working vacation. Taking a break is important, and this could be a smart way to keep an eye on work while still resting, relaxing and enjoying your loved ones.

By Meagan Kerlin for Vertu Marketing LLC

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