Work Remotely? Keeping Motivation High Is Key.

Working from home can have it’s benefits — you can sleep in a bit, knowing that you won’t have to fight rush hour traffic. You can get coffee or a snack whenever you want, and you can even stay in your pajamas all day. These are good things and some of the many benefits of working remotely, but after awhile, these are some of the same things that can contribute to a lack of motivation for those who work remotely. Some of the “benefits” of working from home can eventually lead to a sense of apathy and general laziness toward job-related tasks.

In order to successfully work from home, a person will have to work hard to keep his or her motivation high. This requires a decent amount of self-discipline and willingness to stay focused — even when there is laundry to be folded in the next room and a TV with Netflix. Working from home is not all sunshine and rainbows, and it’s helpful for people who work remotely to build certain habits that can help them stay focused and keep succeeding at their jobs.

One way a remote employee can fight complacency is to set an alarm and get up at a certain time every morning. It also helps to get dressed in “real” clothes, just as if he or she was planning to head out of the house at some point in the day. Remote employees often have flexible schedules, but trying to maintain a relatively regular work schedule can also help a person get work done. Setting a timer or number of tasks to accomplish in one day can help tremendously as well.

Those who work remotely enjoy many benefits, but they also have to be vigilant about their motivation levels and stay aware of ways they may be slipping. With hard work, diligence and enough determination, a person can successful build an impressive career from the comfort of a kitchen table or home office.

By Meagan Kerlin for Vertu Marketing LLC

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