Why Your Business Needs To Be On Instagram

Instagram for business – the reason it works.

The rise of social media has impacted every area of life, from the dating world to the business world. As Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms continue to evolve and new platforms come into popularity, it is wise to determine how these outlets can be beneficial to the average small business. Instagram is one of the most accessible, simple-to-use, yet overlooked, social media outlets.

As most businesses do engage with customers through Facebook or Twitter, many more are now unlocking the potential of photo and video sharing on Instagram. Since customers now demand instant access to information, an effective social medial strategy is now essential to the success of any small business. As part of this strategy, implementing Instagram for business allows brands to connect with followers and potential customers in a simple, yet personal, way.

instagram for businessInstagram for business is one of the fastest growing marketing methods online!

Pictures and videos are an easy way to share new products, offer behind-the-scenes looks at the operation of the business and pass along pertinent information. The video sharing capability is a particularly powerful tool for businesses available through Instagram. As of 2015, there is more user-brand interaction through Instagram than on any other social media network, including Facebook.

A smart social media strategy will use Instagram to increase brand awareness and remain actively engaged with a customer base. Using social media the right way will translate directly into increased growth and a loyal following.

Instagram for businessIs your business on Instagram? If it is, find out how you can become even more engaged with your followers through this and other social media. If your business is not on the photo and video sharing network, allow us to explain how incorporating this into your social media marketing strategy is a smart decision. You have a free marketing tool on your hands–let us help you use it strategically.

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