Who Is Your Target Audience?

One of the first priorities of any business should be to identify and establish your target audience. Familiarity with the target audience is critical to an effective marketing campaign, social media use and sales strategy. Making the effort to get to know customers better leads to a strong relationship between the business and the consumer.

your target audienceTo better identify and familiarize yourself with the potential target audience for your company, consider the following:

  1. Don’t make assumptions. You may assume that your target audience is a certain age group or demographic, but your products or services may actually appeal to a wider range of people than you assumed.
  2. Educate yourself. Properly identifying a target audience will require a bit of research. Don’t be afraid to delve into psychological studies, industry reports and more. If this seems like an intimidating task, turn to an experienced marketer for guidance
  3. Listen to social media. What kind of conversations are you having through social media? Listen carefully to what your customers are saying, and take the time to notice who they are. The people who connect with your business on social media could be an accurate representation of your target audience.
  4. Make room to grow. Close examination may reveal that your target audience is different than you originally assumed. Don’t hesitate to adjust your marketing strategy appropriately or, if needed, reach out for professional marketing help for advice regarding how to connect with your target audience.

your target audienceIt’s surprising how many businesses and entrepreneurs cannot appropriately identify their target audience. You may not have a picture of your target audience that is 100 percent accurate, but a closer examination of your customer base can help shape the vision for your business in a positive, profitable way.

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