When to Give Your 2-Week Notice and When to Wait It Out

Ready to quit that 9 to 5 and set up a business at home? Not so fast! Before you act, consider the following questions:

  • Am I angry about my current job? Startups based on drive and passion, not as a backlash to an unpleasant event, are more likely to succeed.
  • Can I be flexible when necessary? Even with the most well-written business plans, there are still unexpected obstacles that nearly all entrepreneurs will need to overcome.
  • What am I willing to sacrifice? Money, fancy coffee, date nights? The answer will be different for everyone, but it is important to understand what is on the line before facing the possibility of having to give it up.
  • Am I really passionate about this? The answer to this should be a resounding YES!

Starting a business is so much more than opening up a laptop in your spare bedroom and posting a few ads on the Internet. There are business plans to be written, research to be done, licenses to be applied for and all of the behind-the-scenes hard work that must be completed before a startup can even begin to provide consumer-ready products.

While every entrepreneur had to start somewhere, the truly successful ones understand that there is a time to take action and a time to be patient. So let’s review those questions one more time. There is no need to worry if the answers were a little unexpected or discouraging. If now is not the right time, focus on researching opportunities for your future business. When the time is right, the extra time and effort spent gathering necessary information will likely play an invaluable role in your business’s success.

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