When Is It Okay To Recycle Copywriting Content?


Recycling or repurposing copywriting content can save you a lot of time. By reworking old content, you can complete new jobs in less time, which in turn allows you to make more money in less time. But be careful when reusing content. Knowing how to repurpose content while still providing your clients with unique work can prevent you from making costly mistakes that could ruin your reputation as a copywriter. 

How does content recycling work?

When you recycle old content, you may use it on a different platform or in a different format. It’s also helpful to recycle old content if you’re targeting a different audience who would not have previously been exposed to the content that is being reused. Repurposing content doesn’t mean you can simply reuse the same blog or article over and over. But it does give you a starting point with ideas you’ve used previously that proved to be successful in reaching the target audience. 

When can you repurpose content?

One of the most important things to remember is that even if you wrote the original content, you don’t ever want to copy it word for word to use for another client. Take ideas from previous content but be sure to change those up significantly so you’re offering a new product to your client. Repurposing content can be helpful if you’re working on a particularly challenging task, or you have writer’s block and are struggling to come up with new ideas. 

Copywriters often find themselves writing the same type of content over and over but for different clients. Sometimes it’s difficult to come up with new ideas, which is why content repurposing can be helpful. It saves time and gives you a starting point when you’re creating new content. It’s important to not simply reword previously used content. So, when you’re recycling old content, feel free to reuse ideas, data, and sources, offer each client a unique piece that is written with their target audience in mind.

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