For those wondering if they happened to be absent on the day when purposes were doled out, day-to-day life can feel empty and unfulfilling. While this can understandably leave individuals feeling drained and disappointed in their outlooks on life, it is far from an indication that they were not lucky enough to snag a purpose. Instead, all it means is that their purpose is still there, waiting for them to dig down deep and discover what it truly is.

But what if those feelings of emptiness are not quite so sharp, or experiencing unfulfillment is not a daily occurrence? These people might feel mostly satisfied while floating through the years under the impression that there simply is no purpose for their lives. Instead of accepting that an exciting and fuel-driven life is simply out of the question, grab a pen and piece of paper to answer the following:

  • Are you living every day to its full potential?
  • Does daily life fill you with passion and excitement?
  • Do you spend enough time on the things that you truly love and love doing?

And finally:

  • If you could be doing anything at all, what would it be?

Take some time to review what you wrote down. Is there a common theme winding through your words? If so, consider what that means. There is a possibility that you might have just written down your purpose without ever realizing it.

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