What Comes After Success?


You worked hard to get to where you are now, and you put a lot of effort into helping your new business get off the ground. Thankfully, your effort paid off, and you’ve reached a place where you would consider your business a success. Now that you’re here, however, you want to avoid the tendency to coast. There are still goals to reach and challenges ahead, and complacency never pays off.

One way to avoid complacency is to listen to other voices regarding what you should do next. You may be the driving force behind the success of your company, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t benefit from the input of others. Make space for your employees and others invested in the success of your business to have a say in how you move forward. Don’t miss out on the invaluable opinions and ideas others may have by failing to ask for feedback and input.

Another way to avoid complacency is to invite creative people into your business operations. If you’ve been doing the same thing for awhile, it may be time to think outside of your original box. While you’ve succeeded up to this point, a creative approach can help you see what you should do next. Implementing creativity into how your company works can be scary, especially if you are not a creative person naturally. Don’t be scared to color outside the lines a little.

Success is the product of a good idea, hard work and perseverance over time. Once you’ve obtained a certain level of success, it can be tempting to put your feet up and relax. While you should certainly enjoy what you’ve earned, you shouldn’t be content to stay there forever. Don’t allow your current success to keep you from moving forward, pushing ahead and chasing after new goals.

By Meagan Kerlin for Vertu Marketing LLC

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