Ways To Reignite Creative Thinking

creative thinking

Many entrepreneurs find success due to their extremely creative ideas and unique ways to meet needs, provide services or introduce a new product. In fact, your creativity may play a significant role in maintaining your edge and keeping your company moving forward. For this reason, it can be both frustrating and a little frightening to find yourself in a place where you are in a creative slump. This happens, even for the most innovative minds, but there are ways you can boost your creative thinking once again.

One of the simplest ways to restart your creative thinking is to revisit old ideas. Not every idea will work out, but that does not mean there isn’t a useful place for it in the future. If you have a journal or notebook as a way to jot down your ideas and thoughts, go back through it from time to time and mull over possibilities that you may have overlooked. Old ideas don’t necessarily mean bad ideas — with some new perspective and fresh thinking, an old idea can be a great way to jumpstart an exciting new phase for your business.

Another way you can jumpstart your creativity is to discuss your current plans and ideas with others. For many creative minds, simply talking through things and listening to someone else is enough to spark an idea that will set the ball rolling again. In some cases, it may be necessary to get away to find your creative edge again. Take a vacation, read a new book, try something new — you never know when inspiration will strike.

You can’t guess or assume you know what it will be that will reignite your thinking and jumpstart your creativity again. When you find yourself in a period where you don’t feel inspired, motivated or excited about what is ahead, keep working until your creative thinking is going again. Your unique perspective and exciting ideas are what set your company apart, and there are more positive things to come!

By Meagan Kerlin for Vertu Marketing LLC

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