Ways Distracted People Can Improve Their Focus


Distraction is an issue for most people. We live in a time when distractions abound in the form of social media, cellphones, podcasts and much more. There are dozens of things vying for your attention at any given moment, and if you allow distraction to become an ongoing problem, it can begin to affect your productivity and the quality of work you produce. Whether you struggle with distraction or you want to ensure it does not become a problem for you, it may be beneficial to learn how to improve your focus and get more out of the hours in your day.

Learning how to improve focus is incredibly important for professionals of all kinds. You may not be tempted to look at your phone at work, but you still may be distracted by the many things you need to do, the people you need to help and other obligations. Improving your focus can help you manage your time better, be more effective and get more done. You can work on your focus and productivity by doing any of the following:

  • Focus on one task at a time — there is evidence to suggest that few, if any, people can actually do more than one thing at once and do it well.
  • Do what you can to eliminate distractions — put your phone away, avoid Facebook and remove other things from your work space that could have a negative effect on your ability to focus.
  • Exercise and give yourself time for self-improvement — by allowing yourself “free time” in your day, you may feel less tempted to allow distraction to steal the time you need to be working.
  • Structure your workday and stick to your schedule — this simple step can lead to significant productivity and help you accomplish more in fewer hours

Sometimes, simply telling yourself to focus is not enough. It may require mindfulness and intention to develop focus in your workday, but it’s well worth the effort to boost your productivity and the quality of the work you are doing.

By Meagan Kerlin for Vertu Marketing LLC

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