Vertu Marketing CEO Finds Success By Serving Others

Succeeding in the online world with a small business is certainly not the easiest feat. One shining example of success is Tylie Eaves through her company Vertu Marketing LLC. Eaves has constructed a solid and successful business model at least partially built on a surprisingly simple foundation — quality service.


An online presence can be a complicated matter in the business world, a problem that Eaves intuitively understands. For virtually any business or company that operates online or has a presence with consumers in the virtual world, falling behind the times or failing to regularly engage with consumers can be problematic. There are blogs to be written, social media accounts that need attending to and websites that may need a desperate facelift.

This is where Eaves’ service-based business model thrives. No matter the size of a company or business, finding time to keep an online presence going or to even pin down the best way to follow a goal or vision can be nearly impossible.


Vertu Marketing LLC is far more than a mixture of products available for consumers to purchase. For many, it is an invaluable resource for success. From helpful articles concerning business practices to uplifting videos from the owner herself, Eaves has managed to make visiting Vertu Marketing’s website an experience in and of itself. Her vision and business model of service first has made it possible for other businesses, both small and large, to thrive in a sometimes unruly and competitive online arena.

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