Value Your Own Time And Others Will Do The Same


As an entrepreneur, you know how important it is to manage your time wisely and make good decisions regarding your how you spend the hours you have in the day. It can be beneficial to learn not just time management strategy, but to respect time as well. When you are aware and respectful of your own time, you will do the same for others. It is also more likely others will do the same for you.

Even the most disciplined of people will face unexpected interruptions. Minutes lost from unexpected phone calls, little conversations here and there, and unplanned stops throughout the day can take up a significant amount of your schedule. While you cannot completely eliminate these kinds of interruptions in your life, it is possible to strike a balance between allowing people to unintentionally steal your time and making room for life’s little disruptions.

One way that you can learn to respect your own time is to implement new management practices. From precise scheduling to avoiding social media during work hours, there are many ways you can add more positive disciplines and gain more from the hours you have. One habit that you can develop is learning to say no. This can be uncomfortable, but this is an important step in learning how to protect your time and stay on track with your priorities.

It’s also okay to give yourself permission to leave conversations and disruptions that are not necessary and invaluable. For example, excusing yourself politely and asking to reconvene a conversation later is often both appropriate and reasonable. You can value your own time without being rude, but it’s critical to learn how to walk away from things that are not a priority.

When you protect your time, you may find that you are more productive and effective in your day-to-day obligations. This may allow you to enjoy your free moments more fully and engage in your personal life away from work more often. Learning how to use the hours you have wisely is a critical component of your success as an entrepreneur or professional.

By Meagan Kerlin for Vertu Marketing LLC

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