What is one of the major advantages of using social media as a marketing tool? It’s free! Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are popular and useful, yet many small businesses are hesitant to take advantage of this tool. It can be intimidating to join “Twittersphere,” especially for an individual who is not well-versed in social media vernacular. However, it is worth stepping outside the comfort zone in order to leverage this platform as a part of a successful marketing campaign.

Using social media is not an overnight solution for sluggish growth. It may take weeks and months to connect with a customer base through Twitter. It has been said that in order to gain value from anything, one must first input value. The same can be said for using Twitter for marketing. It is important that a Twitter account portray an accurate, albeit brief, picture of what a company offers. It takes time and commitment to build a following on Twitter, and any followers will respond better to consistency. Regularly using Twitter can be a simple, yet effective, manner by which a company can begin to gain an advantage through social media.

In order to successfully navigate social media, the content should be original. Potential customers may not connect with content that is too generic, boring or simply repeats old information. This should include any graphics or videos that are shared. Every business should actively create new content or present ideas with a fresh perspective. Twitter is a great way to find and share content from other related sources. By re-tweeting and sharing the information of others, it attracts greater attention and eventually, can lead to a greater circulation of original content.

When creating new content, it is important to attract positive attention. Twitter is a great way to briefly connect with a client by doing any of the following:

  • Share a video
  • Link to relevant or useful information
  • Use humor to connect on a personal level
  • Ask for customer feedback or opinions
  • Provide the opportunity for customers to win something
  • Ask a question or take a poll

It is important to remember that a business should not use a Twitter account to discuss politics, post opinions about divisive current events or tweet anything that could be construed as offensive or insensitive. Using Twitter can be a balancing act of sorts. Any business should be sure that what is posted only moves a business forward instead of creating controversy or turning customers to a competitor.

A marketing campaign will have a greater chance of success if the business can learn to navigate and implement Twitter in the right way. It can be intimidating to delve into the world of social media, but it is well worth the effort.




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