Using Social Media To Build Better Connections

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Social media is a great tool for marketing purposes, but it’s also a great way to have conversations and make connections with your customers. Using social media is not only a smart method to gain exposure and spread the word about your company, it is a way to build rapport with the people who may potentially patronize your company. If your only objective to using Facebook, Instagram and other platforms is to simply get your name out there, you could be missing out on a prime opportunity to build genuine, strong connections.

When using social media, make sure you are communicating clearly. Keep your messages short, sweet and to the point. If you are posting large blocks of text or using terms that most people are not familiar with, they will likely just keep scrolling. Keep posts accessible, easy-to-understand and interesting to read. People are more likely to engage with you if they enjoy your posts.

Implementing video content is also a good way to connect with your followers and potential customers. Video is one of the best ways to market through social media, and it is a fantastic way to build your brand with minimal time and financial investment. Your company may also find it helpful to buy ads or pay for boosted or promoted posts within social media as well. While much of what you can do on these sites is free, many companies find that paying for ads is a great way to expand the reach of their posts, thereby gaining better exposure within their market.

Ask questions, take polls, post engaging and interesting content and continue to look for ways to build connections through your social media pages. Using these tools the right way will help you gain exposure and connect with your market in a way that other marketing methods do not allow.

By Meagan Kerlin for Vertu Marketing LLC

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