Using Short-Form Content In Digital Marketing 

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Digital marketing trends can determine how you approach creating online content. If you work in online marketing, you probably try to keep up with trends, but changes are common and it’s often difficult to know when to change your approach. Not all trends work for all industries and target markets. But short-form content, like those popular brief videos on social media, is versatile and generally works well for most marketing campaigns. These short videos aren’t likely to replace traditional marketing strategies, but they can be implemented to gain more exposure to your client’s brand. 

The value of short-form content

Many online users feel overwhelmed when faced with lengthy videos or walls of text that take a long time to read. The younger generations are used to having access to information instantly and don’t want to slog through long videos to get what they’re looking for. Short-form content, like what can be found on TikTok or through Instagram Reels and YouTube Shorts, can be used to expose your client’s brand to more people in less time. These clips take less editing and require much less time from creation to publishing when compared to longer videos. 

When to use short-form content

Promotion through short-form content works in today’s market because people tend to swipe away if something doesn’t get their attention quickly. It’s important to ensure that the content gets the point across in as little time as possible to keep the user’s attention. Short-form content can be used to expand your client’s target market, reaching people who would have otherwise not known about your client’s brand. This type of content is usually easy to produce, requires no special equipment and can be uploaded and available to online users quickly once edited and approved by your client. 

When you work in digital marketing, you must maintain an awareness of trends, so you’re not left behind. Short-form content is likely here to stay due to its accessibility, affordability, and ease of use. Use short-form content to expose your client’s brand to a new audience while continuing to reach their target market by taking advantage of the popularity of social media outlets. 

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