Use Videos to Double your Affiliate Sales

Successful blogs thrive because of a variety of reasons, including building trust with readers and providing engaging content. However, a blog for any topic cannot thrive without one very important factor — excellent writing skills. A keyboard and word processor are the domain in which most pro bloggers have built their empires, which can make stepping out of that comfort zone difficult.
However, there are enormous advantages to including videos in affiliate blog posts. Reading truthful and thorough reviews of an affiliate market is enough to get a percentage of visitors to follow a link, but the rest might need a more visual approach. If you’re still uncertain about adding a visual component to your affiliate reviews, consider the following:


  • Some consumers only like to purchase products that they are certain work as advertised. Watching a video of a reviewer actually using a product can be hugely encouraging.
  • Providing both written and visual reviews of a product helps grow your position as a dedicated affiliate marketer who provides valuable content.
  • Seeing the person behind the blog can strengthen visitors’ trust. Not only are they reading what you have to say, but they get to hear it straight from your mouth too. Trust, as we all know, is necessary to continuing to operate any affiliate sales business.


Videos do not have to be long, fancy or in-depth, but they should still be informative and on point. Address your readers directly before launching in to your review and make sure you also close out the video with a farewell. Helpful tip: don’t be shy about making eye contact with the camera!
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