Use Facebook For Marketing: It’s Good For Business!

Facebook is good for business, and it can be very good for YOUR business. This social media platform is a valuable channel to market your business, generate leads and connect with your potential customers — BUT, only if you use it the right way. For most businesses, it’s necessary to have a separate account, one that is not connected to your personal page. Using your personal page for all things business related has the potential to annoy your friends, and it will likely get you “unfollowed”. Instead of marketing to no one or to an audience that is no longer listening, launch a page that is specifically for your business.

Keeping your personal life separate from your business is not only healthy for you, it’s better for your bottom line. Facebook business accounts are specifically designed for use by corporations, small businesses, entrepreneurs, and salespeople who are attempting to increase exposure for their business and increase website clicks. When used the right way, these Facebook accounts can reach thousands of people, even if they don’t “like” your page.

Keep the personal stuff personal. In most cases, politics, controversial subject matters and other such topics should be left for the reading pleasure of people who are friends with you on your personal account. Special sales, information about your products and other business-related posts are for your business account. With a professional approach and a bit of coaching regarding when and how to post on your business page, you will amazed at how far your posts can go and what they can do for your business.

With a business account and the right content, Facebook may just be the best thing that ever happened to your business. Let us help you use it the right way and educate you on how to leverage social media for growth and profitability — you cannot afford to leave this valuable tool on the table.

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