Unique Summer Vacation Ideas


For many people, summer vacation means a trip to the beach, an amusement park or a road trip. While these can all be fun ways to spend time with the family, there are also plenty of other options if you want to try something a little different. With rising costs of gas and other essentials, you may be looking for something closer to home, or you may just want to give your family the opportunity to have a unique summer experience.

Look for a different type of lodging

Staying in hotels or standard vacation rentals isn’t the only way to spend your vacation nights away from home. No matter where you’re vacationing to, you’re likely to find a unique lodging option. Many mountain destinations have cabins with plenty of amenities to keep your family occupied during downtime. Some other options include yurts, treehouses and themed hotels.

Find fun stops on a road trip

Road trips can be fun, especially if you add in some stops that aren’t always on the list of popular destinations. Unique roadside attractions can allow the family to get out some energy during a monotonous drive. These stops may be off the beaten path, but they’re often worth the trip. Venture further out from the main highway and use a virtual map to find hidden gems. You can also look through online travel sites to find new places to visit. Pay particular attention to reviews from other travelers as they can provide useful information to help you find some fun places to visit along the way.

Check out summer festivals

There are festivals for nearly anything you can think of. Many are centered around foods, seasonal events or pop culture interests. If your family has a particular interest, do a quick online search and you may find a festival that celebrates it. The great thing about festivals is that most are kid-friendly and they usually have unique foods to try along with plenty of other activities. Many festivals are also in areas with other attractions, allowing you to make a full vacation of it.

There’s nothing wrong with vacationing to your favorite destination year after year. There’s something to be said about traveling to familiar places and having those family traditions. But sometimes it’s also fun to try something new by staying in unique lodging, stopping at lesser-known destinations on a road trip or taking your family to a festival that offers fun for the entire family.

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