How You Can Train Your Brain To Focus Better

train your brain

No one is immune to the temptation of distraction. From social media to texting to everything in between, everyone deals with various things that can steal focus and kill productivity. If you struggle with distraction on a regular basis and it’s negatively impacting your life, it may be time to retrain your brain to focus better and resist the urge to succumb to things that distract.

For many, the things that distract are almost addicting, and they can be very difficult to resist. You may find that despite your best efforts, you fall victim to distraction time and time again. Fortunately, your dilemma is solvable. If you need practical ways to deal with distraction and to improve your focus, consider the following:

  • Plan ahead and allocate the time you need to do certain tasks — and stick to your schedule
  • Try doing the things that require the most focus first thing in your workday
  • Find ways to combat distraction that work for you — put your phone in another room, set timers for social media use or ask another person to hold you accountable

What will work for you may not work for another person. It is important to keep in mind that everyone is different, and your effort to win your battle with distraction will be unique to your situation. It may take time to train your brain to fight whatever distractions are most tempting for you, but with patience and determination, you can find a system that works and provides you with a renewed focus.

The key to successfully retraining your brain is to keep trying. Like building muscle memory, building better habits takes time. You won’t defeat distraction in one day, so keep working. With hard work, determination and a desire for personal development, you can retrain your brain and win the battle with distraction once and for all.

By Meagan Kerlin for Vertu Marketing LLC

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