THREE Secrets to Funnels That Actually Work

It seems like everywhere I turn, there’s another ad for funnel this and funnel that. And I have to be honest, I’m getting a little bit tired of the massive level of complication that has been put into teaching a subject that really shouldn’t be all that complicated.

I’ve got news for you friends, sales funnels are not rocket science.

Every successful sales funnel has three things in common and as long as your sales funnel incorporates these three things, it won’t matter what your landing page looks like, it won’t matter what opt-in form you use, and truthfully it won’t matter what industry you’re in, you will see results.

Do some landing pages work better than others? Yes. Absolutely. But by and large, any example of a successful landing page you see online can be readily replicated (I should clarify, a successful landing page you see online could be used as inspiration for building your own unique landing page. Do not plagiarize another persons work). And, let’s just face facts, it wouldn’t be an online example if it weren’t a successful landing page. You do not need to make it an integral part of some complicated process through which you develop 80,000 steps for funnel building that you will finally be able to launch in the year 2027. It really doesn’t need to be that bad.

For beginners especially, I suggest a simple funnel to start with — 3 to 4 steps maximum is a good rule of thumb when you’re new to the funnel building process.If you want to use some point-and-click funnel builder, then that’s fine. But do keep in mind that it is not necessary.

The take away for today is that funnels do work, they need not be painful or stress provoking, and the most important thing is that you take action. Taking action on a simple funnel today will offer more rewards than struggling through some complicated funnel building process and waiting months before ever taking something live.

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