This Crisis Will Lead To New Opportunities


Your career or your business has been through significant changes and upheaval over the last few months. Virtually every industry and type of job has experienced effects from the COVID-19 crisis. Whether you’re working remotely, adjusting procedures or even temporarily halting operations, you’ve likely experienced first-hand the impact of this global crisis. Like in any type of crisis, you’re facing difficulty, but you could also be coming into new and exciting opportunities.

In the next few weeks and months as local and state governments begin to transition into reopening, you may find you have new opportunities available to you. Perhaps you can reopen your doors in a limited capacity, offer new services or begin to develop a strategy for operating under social distancing guidelines. Customers and clients are hungry for a sense of normalcy, and they may soon be coming to you to fulfill specific needs. So how are you going to handle it?

Things will be different for awhile, and it may require ingenuity and creativity simply to open your doors and serve customers. This challenge represents new opportunities by allowing you to find new ways to operate. Your customers and clients may have new needs now as a result of the COVID-19 crisis, or they may need you to help them in different ways. You’ll have to stretch, grow, learn, experiment and try different tactics, but don’t think of it as a bad thing – approach it as a unique opportunity.

Can you offer to-go products? Can you serve clients online through Skype or Zoom? Can you offer curbside pick-up? How can you adjust in-store operations to safely serve patrons? These are a few questions that can help you seize the opportunities available to you and move forward during this challenging time. Things are still difficult, but ingenuity and positive thinking are keys to your ongoing success.

By Meagan Kerlin for Vertu Marketing LLC

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