Thinking Internationally to Build Wealth

Some entrepreneurs set out to corner a market in certain regions or areas of a country, while others set their eyes on a bigger prize — the international market. In the digital age, providing valuable products and services to overseas locations is no longer the enormous hurdle that it once was.

Michael Chasen originally co-founded the education software provider Blackboard Inc. back in 1997. Ingenuity and critical planning helped Blackboard survive the recent recession when many of its competitors burst alongside the tech bubble. Part of Blackboard’s survival has been contributed to the company’s subscription model, which functions on an annual basis.

But, is there really any room left in the digital and software education front in the United States? For new and innovative products, of course there is, but for existing ones, there may be little more than wiggle room. With a solid percentage of the market in the United States squared away, Blackboard has turned its sight overseas to previously untouched markets.

Schools are using Blackboard’s software in thousands of places, like the Middle East and China. With a less-saturated market in some overseas areas, the company plans to move forward on a more international-oriented scale. Global opportunities are at the fingertips of not just a privileged few but to anyone who is able to foresee what the international market has to offer in the world of online startups.

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