The Value Of Good Penmanship In A Digital World


Living in a digital age means communicating in a different way. Most people carry around a phone where they can access texts, messaging apps, and emails with a few taps. Writing, especially writing with a focus on penmanship, is no longer the easiest way to keep up with information. While some people still prefer the act of taking notes, writing letters, and composing written works using a pen and paper, others prefer the convenience of using digital tools. Penmanship is no longer a focus in schools and many people no longer worry about the quality of their handwriting. There is, however, value in good penmanship, even in a mostly digital world. 

Good penmanship

Taking the time to focus on penmanship is good for children when they’re learning to write. It helps develop fine motor skills and learning to write well can increase a child’s confidence. But adults can also benefit from focusing on penmanship. It’s not uncommon to develop bad habits in your writing as an adult. This is especially true for those who write notes for work as speed is often the most important factor when writing. But taking the time to form letters properly can help you remember what you write and gives you a sense of pride. If your writing skills aren’t up to your preferred standards, take some time to practice and review penmanship rules to make some improvements. 

The benefits of writing

Writing by hand stimulates your brain in a way that typing or tapping doesn’t. When you write something out by hand, taking your time to do so, you’re much more likely to remember what you wrote. The physical activity of writing, while concentrating on what you put on the paper, can help you better understand the content you’re writing, which is especially helpful if you’re working on an important project. 

The misconception that penmanship lacks value has led many schools to drop classes that teach proper handwriting. Even adults who learned penmanship in school may lose those skills when they’re not used regularly. While typing and tapping do have their places when taking down quick information, the physical act of writing well should not be ignored as it’s good for your brain and helps you better retain information. 

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