The Only Question Needed to Put Your Purpose to Use

Remember the days when you were asked what you wanted to be when you grew up, and you enthusiastically shouted out something like, “Doctor!” “Veterinarian!” or “Rock Star!”? Those were the days when dreams and wishes had no limits, and if you could think it up, then it was possible.

Sadly, growing up into an adult seems to squash that attitude out of many people. Instead of focusing on what is possible, most people seem to point out the barriers or roadblocks that stand in their way. After all, it is not their fault that they cannot really figure out what they should do with their purpose; it is that big concrete barrier standing in their way.

Of course, most people really do want to overcome the barriers holding them back and keeping them from putting their purpose to good use, they just do not know how. Perhaps the easiest way to really figure out how to put that purpose into action is to think back to childhood. Go ahead and ask the following:

What would childhood me think of what I am doing with my life?

If he or she would be less than pleased, it may indicate that you are taking the wrong approach. Those roadblocks? To a child, a little creative thinking can make those barriers little more than a pile of rubble to trod over.

Maybe it is time to revisit the dreams of old, when childhood innocence let thoughts and dreams fly freely. No matter what your purpose is, when you are unable to figure out how you should be putting it to good use, close your eyes and think like a child.

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