The Intrinsic Value Of Teamwork

You probably remember the team projects your teacher would assign in high school. You may have been grouped with others your teacher selected, and chances are, at least on person in your group was not interested in helping or putting forth any effort. These types of projects were dreadful; however, teamwork doesn’t always have to be this way.

Teamwork is a valuable tool, and it’s often underutilized. Sure, it’s easier to let everyone simply do his or her own thing and not worry about making people work together, but this may be a mistake. When done the right way, teams can provide wonderful results that can benefit everyone. Don’t overlook how beneficial this can be simply because you had bad teamwork experiences in the past.

Working as a team has many benefits. One is that you will have access to thoughts and ideas that maybe you didn’t have. Every person has a unique perspective, and you can glean so much simply by seeing how someone else views the challenges presented by the project.

Teamwork only works when each party is willing to do his or her share. When you have the option to work with a team, strive to delegate tasks in a way that is intentional and lines up with your teammates’ strengths, ideas and passions. When teams can work together well, the result is often much more creative, effective and impressive than one person could accomplish on his or her own. If you’ve had trouble working with teams in the past, don’t let it dissuade you from working with others now.

You’re perfectly capable of doing amazing work and accomplishing many things on your own. However, occasionally working with others can add a richness and excitement to your work experience. Whether you’re the boss or an employee, think about ways you can implement teamwork to push yourself and others beyond what was possible with just one person.

By Meagan Kerlin for Vertu Marketing LLC

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