The quality of a website says a lot about a company. Low-quality graphics, outdated information and poorly written copy reflects negatively on a business, no matter the type or size. In addition to the visual elements of a website, it is vital to ensure that what the website actually says is professional, attractive and informative.

Website copy should draw in potential customers, attracting them toward your products or services. If the pictures and graphics are the “hook,” then the copy is what actually “reels” a customer in. Solid website copy should accomplish the following things:

  1. Provide comprehensive information. A potential customer should be able to find any and all needed information about your business with just one visit to your website. People do not like to be visually assaulted with loud graphics and obnoxious pop-up ads, but they do wish to be fully informed when researching a company.
  2. Be enticing. The copy on your business’s website should be professional, but also enticing. Don’t be boring–if you are not excited about what your company has to offer, then no one else will be either. Your words should communicate your passion to readers.
  3. Optimize for search engines. Copy should be written in a way that is search-emgine friendly. Use keywords in order to come up higher in Google and other search engine results.

Implementing good copy is a simple step to take in order to improve your website. However, do not be fooled by the simplicity of it–the value of good, quality copy cannot be understated. To improve your search engine results and ensure that your website portrays a positive image of your business, work with a team that understands the nuances of writing high-quality copy for businesses.

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