Identifying a “brand” is an important step for any company. Building a brand sets the foundation of a company’s relationship with the customer base and the springboard for a profitable and growing business.  “Brand” is a term that is widely used in the business world, particularly as it pertains to marketing. However, determining an actual definition of this term can be difficult. According to Merriam Webster, the word brand can mean any of the following:

  1. A category of products that are all made by a particular company and all have a particular name
  2. A particular kind or type of something
  3. A mark that is burned into the skin of an animal (such as a cow) to show who owns the animal

A brand, as used in the business world, is the product provided from a specific source. Essentially, your brand could be defined as the product or service that comes to mind when customers think of your company. For example, when customers hear the words “Coca-Cola,” perhaps they think of soda, Christmas (remember the polar bear commercials?) or glass bottle memories from childhood. Companies with a strong brand, such as Coca-Cola, build strong financial and emotional bonds with consumers. In turn, this creates brand loyalty, continued revenue from a loyal customer base and business growth.

It is important for businesses of all sizes to understand good branding and its role in the long-term success of a business. In fact, establishing a solid brand can eventually allow a company to charge more for products and services–which loyal customers will pay–in return for the reputed value and quality of the product. Do you have a clear understanding of your brand? If not, consider the following:

  • What services or products are offered to clients?
  • What is the purpose of your business?
  • Do you have an established customer base?
  • What are your goals?

As business owner or manager, it is your responsibility to establish and promote your brand. If your brand is suffering from a “brand identity crisis,” or you have never considered the importance of your business’ brand, it may be time to seek professional assistance. Some of the ways that we can help your business lay the foundation of good branding can include the following areas:

  • Cohesive visual branding: Choosing a logo and color scheme that will carry over throughout the entire marketing campaign
  • Online marketing: Ensuring that your brand is clear in all written advertisement and communication with customers, including Facebook pages, Twitter accounts and any other social media
  • Website management: Creating a “voice” for your business that is expressed in all copy and written material on your website

From choosing a tagline to building a customer-friendly website, it can be a complex process to understand branding and develop a branding strategy for your company. A marketing and branding plan should set your business apart, communicate the type of desired relationship with your client (causal and family like or formal and efficient?) and point to the goals of your company. Let us help you develop your brand strategy and build an encompassing marketing plan that not only will add intrinsic value to your company, but develop stronger and longer-lasting relationships with your customer base.

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