The Fight Against Procrastination


Did you know that undone tasks can “haunt” you? Research indicates that tasks or jobs that are left undone can actually have a negative impact on your thought process. Human nature is designed to finish what is started, so why do we struggle with procrastination?

In many ways, procrastination is a form of deception. Instead of completing the task at hand or being honest about our capability to finish a job, we tell ourselves, “I will do it tomorrow.” Most of the time, tomorrow never arrives, the job remains undone and we keep assuring ourselves that we will do it…tomorrow. To fight procrastination, we must resolve to be completely honest with ourselves regarding what must be done.

The best remedy against procrastination is action. Taking action is so simple, but, sometimes, it is the hardest thing in the world to actually get started. When your to-do list is a mile long, it’s tempting to put off things that need to be done, but this will lead to the same results you always have — self-doubt, stress and unease. By breaking down your list into smaller, more manageable tasks, it can be easier to find the will to tackle them.

One small accomplishment or one task knocked off the to-do list will generate positive feelings, driving you to accomplish more and complete more. Effectively dealing with the desire to procrastinate begins with just one completed task. You don’t have to do everything — you just have to do something.

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