The Difficulty Of Losing A Good Employee


The success of any business is built on the foundation of good employees who sincerely care about their work. Truly valuable employees are those who not only do what is asked of them, but those who also take the time to go above and beyond. It can be difficult to imagine what the life of a business will be like without these individuals. The loss of this type of employee to another job opportunity or for a different reason can feel devastating.

If you are an employer or manager facing the loss of a valuable and seemingly irreplaceable employee, you may feel overwhelmed by the thought of what this could mean for the future of your company. This transition may leave you with logistical challenges as well as a void in the emotional leadership of your company. While this is a difficult position to find yourself in, the following steps could be helpful for you at this time:

• Before their appointed departure date, speak with the employee about his or her concerns and feedback with the position. This will help you prepare for the next person to fill this role.
• Reassess your remaining team members’ talents and abilities. It may be helpful to restructure workloads or reorganize certain functions of your operations.
• Stop focusing on the loss, and instead focus on what you can do moving forward that allows you to be the best team possible. Consider this an opportunity for growth and learning.

Employees can be immensely valuable, but the true value and strength of your company does not lie with one person. It is possible to grieve this type of loss while also preparing to move forward at the same time. Your perspective and outlook will set the tone for other employees and have an immense impact on your operations going forward.

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