The Case for Ignoring Your Email

When was the last time that you looked at your email inbox without cringing? Overflowing inboxes with unread emails in the double digits can induce panic in even the calmest individuals. But, the constant barrage of emails is just a part of life, right?


It can take a bit of work up front, but organizing and streamlining an email inbox can free up a surprising amount of time every day. Let’s start with those handy folders that most email services provide.

Folders: Take some time to review what types of emails you receive, such as business, personal or promotional. Set up the necessary folders and then assign each type of email a label to make sure that they are filtered accordingly.

Make a schedule: Smart phones may have made it easier to check youremail on the go, in line at the coffee shop or on a lunch date with a significant other, but that does not make it the smartest idea. Pick one or two times a day to check emails and keep it at that.

Reply now: You may not always remember to respond back at a later time to an important email. Use time wisely and reply to all necessary emails as soon as possible after reading them.

The Internet has allowed startup businesses to bloom in a way that was once impossible, and it is hard to ignore how technology has crept into almost every aspect of day-to-day life. While new advances help keep small businesses and their owners moving forward, it is just as important to know when it is time to set boundaries.

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