Search engine optimization is maximizing a site’s potential by increasing its ranking in search engine results. For example, a doctor can take specific steps to ensure that his practice is at or near the top of the list when someone enters “doctor, Anytown, USA.” Search engine optimization (SEO) increases traffic to a site, thereby increasing the number of potential clients and viewers.

In the highly competitive world of online business, any website is in competition with dozens, even hundreds or thousands, of sites that offer similar products or services. When someone uses Google or another search engine, it is a distinct advantage to be one of the first sites that are shown in the results. Fortunately, basic search engine optimization is an attainable goal and once reached, can increase profitability and site traffic.

How can a business owner or individual build a website in a way that will connect customers in a more direct and simple manner? Here are some of the things that can affect where a search engine places a site:

  • Site content: What is actually written in your site will affect how it places in search engine results. Proper use of key words in the content, including blogs, can help SEO.
  • Linking: Proper use of links within a website can positively affect SEO. It is also beneficial when another source links to a business site. Purchased links do not benefit SEO.
  • Navigability: Search engines look kindly on professional, easy-to-navigate sites. If your site has poor customer reviews, is difficult to use or looks like it may be unsafe for online transactions, it will rank lower than other sites advertising similar products.

There is an intricate balance between improving SEO and maintaining the integrity of a business’ message. Search engine optimization is something that we do at Virtue Marketing. We can analyze an existing site and determine how to increase web traffic, while still clearly communicating a product. We are also experienced in building websites “from the ground up,” ensuring that a business has the right balance of key words usage and links, while still personally connecting with readers. SEO is vital to the online success of a business. If you have more questions about SEO or how we can specifically help your business, contact us for a site consultation today.

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