The 3 Types of Purpose Every Business Needs

Entrepreneurs who strike out on their own usually do so to fulfill their own purposes in life. Businesses that are purpose-driven tend to be more focused, successful and long-living than businesses without any clear purpose other than turning a profit.

While a business owner’s personal purpose is without a doubt one of the most valuable keys to success, it is far from being the only purpose that a successful business needs. Here are the three types of purpose that every business should have.

Personal Purpose

This is the founder and owner’s purpose that ultimately helps guide and lead the business’s path to success. Far from being profit focused, most personal purposes can, instead, be redefined as that person’s greater purpose in life or what he or she is most meant to do.


Customer Purpose

Want to draw in customers who have similar values and a focus on doing well? Most consumers choose to spend their money wisely, and products that are purpose-driven tend to top their lists. Make it obvious what benefits your products provide and customers may find their own purposes fulfilled.



Employee Purpose

Virtually no one likes working at a job where they feel as though they are doing little more than bringing home a paycheck. Like most consumers, employees typically like to clock out of work with a feeling that they have made a difference. Employee purpose should be communicated as clearly and concisely as possible, and when done correctly, everyone at the business will probably aim toward the same goal.

The purpose does not have to stop there. Is the local community an active area of a business? Be sure to include a purpose for it and for any other entities that can benefit from the guidance of a truly fulfilling purpose.

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