The 3 Biggest Factors in Affiliate Sales

When broken down, success in affiliate marketing ultimately rests on three different points: traffic, clicks and conversions. If commissions are faltering (or never actually picked up in the first place) the problem can usually be narrowed down to an issue in one of these three areas.

Traffic refers to the number of readers who actually visit your website. As an affiliate marketer, your readers are your customers for whom you’re providing a product value. Your blogs and posts, even the ones that do not contain affiliate links, need to provide some sense of value to your readers’ lives. If your traffic has tapered off, compare recent posts against ones that garnered a better rate. Chances are you will be able to spot the differences between them.

Clicks are fairly straightforward. If a reader follows an affiliate link, then he or she has “clicked” and been taken to the product that you wrote about or reviewed. Pretty simple, huh? Just get someone to click a link and viola! You have a click? But, hold your horses, as there is more to it. Readers must be compelled to follow a link, not just presented with the mere option of doing so. Be honest, be optimistic and give your audience what it needs in order to make that click.

Conversions can be a bit trickier and are largely overlooked by many affiliate marketers. After clicking the affiliate link, people have two simple options — make the purchase or don’t. Conversions refer to the clicks that ultimately follow through on a purchase. If you steadily experience slow conversion rates, consider the possibility that the product(s) for which you’re campaigning are not all that great. Take some time to compare other affiliate programs and related products before deciding whether you should stick with your current program or jump ship.

Of course it might seem overly simplistic to narrow down success in this business to three main points, but there is still a lot of room for personal movement and growth within these factors. However, without the secure foundation built by nailing down the right kind of traffic, clicks and conversions, most attempts simply fall through.

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