Technology Has Led To Informality In Writing


The frequent use of technology in everyday life has many benefits. Technology has greatly changed the way we communicate with one another, making it easier in some ways, while also creating some new challenges. Between social media and the daily use of cell phones for texting, it’s easy to reach friends and family any time of day. But this casual way of communication has also led to a very informal way of written communication. Many people disregard grammar, spelling, and punctuation rules when using digital communication methods. While this isn’t necessarily problematic, it could cause issues when you need to communicate in a more formal way.

Casual communication methods can make us lazy

If you’re sending a quick text to your spouse or a close friend, you may not worry about writing complete sentences with proper spelling and punctuation. It’s much easier and quicker to write a shorthand note using emojis, slang, and abbreviations when you communicate with others in an informal way. The problem arises when you forget the right way to construct a sentence, which is not uncommon for those who frequently use digital communication methods. 

Remember the rules of writing

Casual writing with slang and without proper punctuation and spelling is not appropriate for some occasions. When it comes to communicating professionally, it’s important to remember the rules of writing. If you struggle with those rules, don’t be hesitant to use an online program that helps you find and correct mistakes. Submitting content with spelling, grammar, or punctuation errors doesn’t present the best image to colleagues, current employers, or potential employers. 

Casual writing is used frequently during digital communication. While it’s fine when you’re writing to close friends or family members, it doesn’t present a good image in a professional setting. To keep your writing skills up to par, practice writing with good grammar, avoid misspellings, and use punctuation as needed. A digital program that helps you correct mistakes can work well for anyone who struggles with remembering formal writing guidelines. 

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