Supercharging Your Sales Strategy


The confidence and skill that it requires to be successful in sales is not something that comes naturally to everyone. Even if your business is not sales- or commission-based, having the ability to make a sale is a useful tool in any type of business. From negotiating contracts to dealing with difficult clients, your ability to effectively makes a pitch and close a sale can be of great benefit in many areas.

Not everyone is naturally gifted in this area. Some people have the gift of communication and persuasion, but fortunately, if you do not, this is a skill you can hone and build over time. Whether you need to boost your sales or you simply want to sharpen your ability to navigate important business relationships, the following may be helpful to you:

  • Offer value. It is never easy to make a sale if you are not offering something of value. Your customer must feel that he or she is getting great value out of any money spent. Skilled salespeople are able to offer more to the customer than what they are asking in return. Offering free products or bonus services with a sale is a simple yet effective way to offer increased value to your prospective clients.
  • Offer trials. People are often reluctant to make a significant investment of their financial resources if they are not sure they will be happy with the product. By offering a trial period or trial product samples, people may be more likely to commit to a sale since they are already familiar with your product.
  • Offer reviews. In some cases, clients want to speak with others who have tried your products or benefitted from your services. Find a way to connect prospective clients with satisfied current customers or allow clients to access product reviews and company ratings.

Closing a sale hinges on what you have to offer to the prospective client. Focus on offering value and benefit to the other party rather than just getting your money and moving on to the next sales call. With a client-centered strategy, you may see a boost in your numbers and enjoy the benefits of greater customer satisfaction.

By Meagan Kerlin for Vertu Marketing LLC

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