Success online can begin at home For most online startups, the founder’s home is also the very first office space. This can be an exceptionally convenient arrangement for entrepreneurs who understand that a new business can require a significant dedication of their time. However, simply plopping down on the couch with a laptop in tow typically will not suffice.

Whether you originally started in the living room, at a kitchen table or holed up in your bedroom, these areas can all hoard easy distractions that can prevent you from focusing on the task at hand. At times, a pile of dirty dishes in the sink can become more compelling than a business-related laundry list of tasks left to complete.

So, does this mean that starting your business from home is ultimately a hopeless task? Of course not! Instead, find a dedicated office area and put that space to good use.

First things first, though. You actually need to find this space in your home. Not everyone has a spare room to utilize, so get creative! Transform a walk-in closet, clear out one side of your bedroom or position your desk in a less-frequented side of a hallway.

Optimal productivity is not the only reason that home-based entrepreneurs can benefit from a home office area. Ever heard of the home office tax deduction? To take advantage of this tax break, you have to do more than just set up your base at the kitchen counter. According to the tax code, you need a space in your home that is solely dedicated to business.

Are you ready to see your online business succeed? With a dedicated home office space, you will likely be off to a great start.

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