Stress In Business – The Someday Syndrome

I typically write a post that is geared toward business here at the Virtue Marketing site, and on the same day, I write one that’s a little more personal and more “life applicable” on TylieEaves.com.

However, today the post I wrote for TylieEaves.com is 100% applicable here at the VM location. You see, the Someday Syndrome is alive and well in business; whether you work in an office or you work from home.

I invite you to read the post on by clicking the excerpt below.  Hopefully it will help you as you get your awesome 2014 underway!

For example, many people get stressed out by traffic. They KNOW they can’t do anything about it, they know they can’t control the comings and goings of every person on the road, yet they become all white-knuckle, squinty-eyed crazy when they hit the highway.

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