Streamline Your Morning With Quick Breakfast Ideas


Breakfast time can be chaotic, especially if you have multiple people trying to get out of the house on time. Not everyone likes eating breakfast, but some people skip it simply because they don’t have time in the morning. If you enjoy eating breakfast, or if you like to make sure your kids get something in their bellies in the morning before school, these tricks may be able to help.

Use your freezer

Freezing certain breakfast foods makes for quick morning meals when you’re in a hurry. Pre-portioned smoothie packs are great for anyone who prefers something light. You can make up several packs with your favorite fruits and vegetables and blend them with your favorite milk, juice or other liquid. You can also make ahead breakfast sandwiches using English muffins, biscuits or bagels, and then adding eggs, bacon, sausage and cheese. Wrap them tightly with foil and put them into a freezer bag. They can be thawed and reheated or you can heat them from frozen in the oven.

Oats are healthy and versatile

Instant oatmeal is quick and easy, but it’s not always the healthiest option. Plus, it’s usually much cheaper to buy quick-cooking oats and then add your own flavorings or toppings. Overnight oats are a favorite of many oatmeal lovers, and they can be eaten hot or cold. You can also make baked oatmeal, portion it out and have it ready to reheat. The great thing about baked oatmeal is that it has a cakelike consistency but with less sugar.

For many people, eating breakfast is a needed step to get the day going. This is especially true for kids who are spending all day at school. But there may be little time in the morning to fix breakfast every day. Consider making some easy make-ahead breakfast options for yourself and the kids. Many are so simple that your kids can reheat or prepare them on their own. A little time spent on breakfast prep at the beginning of the week can make your mornings go much more smoothly.

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