Small Details, Big Impact


If you are an entrepreneur, you spend a significant amount of time trying to get people to listen to your story, your pitch and your offer—and it can be hard work. A person’s attention must be earned, but just short of pandering or begging, how should you do it?

We’ve seen them: the unfortunate employees who are assigned the tasks of wearing ridiculous costumes, twirling signs or dancing excitedly while standing beside the road, trying to get the attention of passing motorists. The truth is, they do get some attention, but these efforts don’t translate into the positive attention that leads to actual patronage and profit. Fortunately, you don’t need a costume or really good dance moves to get attention from potential customers. You just need to focus on the details.

detail“The devil is in the details.” It’s an oft used quote, and while the devil may be there, it turns out that your key to success may be in there as well. When you, as an entrepreneur, are keenly aware of how the smallest things can make the biggest impact, you will set yourself apart from the competition. You will get attention. People will view your detail-oriented perspective as a sign of professionalism and confidence.

What does this mean for you, specifically? That’s a question that only you can answer. However, here are some suggestions as to how you can train yourself to take small details and efforts and leverage them for a big impact:

• Talk to customers. Remember their names. Get to know them.
• Launch a thoughtful, specifically targeted marketing campaign
• Listen to concerns and take steps to fix problems immediately
• Find out what your customers actually want and need
• Be thoughtful, considerate and kind
• Make people feel valued and respected

detailsThese are SMALL things—most of the above suggestions will not cost you a penny, but they can have a HUGE impact on how you connect with potential customers and clients. Consider your specific business and niche, and ask yourself how you can pay better attention to the details. Be specific and intentional. Think small.

Dedication to detail—that is how you will get their attention.

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