Simple Ways To Boost Your Creativity


There will be times in your life and career when you feel stuck. It’s like writers block in a sense, as you know you have work to do, but you aren’t sure how to move forward. Creative thinking is often a smart way to get “unstuck” and to find new ideas that can propel you toward your next goal or benchmark. Even if you are not naturally a creative individual, there are ways you can boost your creativity and use it as a powerful tool.

One thing that many people overlook is the power of playtime. You may think you don’t have time to really play, enjoy a hobby or simply get outside for a little while, but there are ways to make anything a game. You can boost your creativity in ways that may surprise you. For example, turn it into a competition with yourself to see how many tasks you can complete within a certain amount of time.

Make time to enjoy simple things like a walk or a game of catch in your backyard. Adding an element of fun to even the most mundane, everyday tasks can help you break out of a funk. Another thing that may help you is to give yourself permission to problem solve creatively. You may be stuck because you’re trying to think of solutions that fit into a certain mold. There are times when you need to toss the mold out the window and see what happens.

Give yourself the time and mental space to brainstorm. Sometimes a simple break from your routine can help you come up with effective and beneficial strategies, and sometimes you just need time to think through your options in peace and quiet. It may surprise you how effective a simple brainstorming session can get you out of your funk and help you think creatively.

Creative thinking may not come easily to you, but it’s a powerful tool you want in your arsenal. If you feel stuck, consider what steps you may need to take to break through the fog, boost your creativity and keep moving forward.

By Meagan Kerlin for Vertu Marketing LLC

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