Should Copywriters Embrace Artificial Intelligence (AI)?

artificial intelligence

Many copywriters have long been aware of the threat of artificial intelligence to their livelihoods. While some jobs have been replaced by AI, it’s unlikely that human copywriters will become obsolete. Some copywriters are already embracing AI and using it to work more effectively and efficiently. The concerns about using AI are valid, so each copywriter must decide if they can benefit from using AI, and if they feel that it’s ethical to do so. 

Should you use AI? 

Theoretically, you could use many of the latest AI programs to write content for you, s. Saving much time and effort. But the issue with that is how much you value your integrity. While you’re technically not plagiarizing another writer’s work, you aren’t really doing the work yourself either. While some writers who are in it just for the paycheck may have no qualms about this practice, others may feel morally opposed to earning an income based on work they didn’t actually do themselves. 

Problems you may encounter when using AI

Content written by artificial intelligence often has a robotic tone and as we continue to see more AI-generated content, people are starting to recognize it immediately. While the programs will likely continue to improve, they will never be able to replace the emotion behind writing that is done by humans. Another concern is whether your client even wants AI-generated content. Some may be fine with it while others will continue to prefer content written by human writers. You could ruin your reputation as a writer by using AI-generated content when your clients have made it clear that they want content written by humans. 

Technology replacing workers is not a new concept. As technology advances, it becomes quicker and cheaper to use machines to do the work previously performed by humans. But when creativity is involved in the work, humans can’t be replaced. While some copywriters are already using AI to their advantage, it’s up to each individual to consider how comfortable they feel using this technology in their day-to-day work. 

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