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Do you need some extra oomph? Specialty blog posts are a Vertu best-seller and are basically blogs on intellectual steroids. They go beyond classic, evergreen content and tend to be longer, more robust and more researched. Imagine if a traditional blog post and an in-depth article had a baby; that’s basically what you’re getting when you select a specialty blog post for your content lineup: a blarticle. Yes, that’s it, a blarticle.

Specialty blog posts have a very specific purpose, specific format and/or are written on a specifically chosen topic, and, well, they are our specialty. This specific product is ideal for our clients in highly technical or specialized fields and whose average readership expects a deeper dive into any given subject matter. When you need a more polished presentation and a bit deeper insight into a topic, this option is ideal. These posts allow our writers to provide your business with thoughtfully curated and high-quality content that suits the specific needs of your business.

An elite team of writers, handpicked for their awesomeness, each of whom has the experience and technical skill necessary to create this type of content, handles all specialty blog post requests. Thorough careful research and implementation of appropriate keywords and SEO, we create specialty content that will drive website traffic, boost your sales and educate your readers.

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