Ah, articles – a beloved classic and the very place Vertu began. We’ve been writing articles for various publications and news syndicates for nearly a decade and, well, we pretty much slay it. When provided with a specific subject that pertains to your needs, our writers will do the research and create a final product that incorporates top notch SEO and engaging, reader-pleasing content.

Articles are ideal for businesses that need custom-created content centered on specific keywords or keyword phrases, as well as a significant amount of research and detail. Most of the time, we create articles for periodicals, magazines and news outlets, but the sky is really the limit. This particular product is popular with news organizations and webmasters who need lots of content, quickly, but has also come to the rescue for more than few small periodicals that needed to meet a content quota for an upcoming publication. Whether you’re populating a news site for ad revenue, or you need a single piece of copy for a local magazine, our writers are here to help.

Our goal with articles is to provide content that is accessible and easy-to-read while still being informative and well-researched. We want every article we write to create engagement and spread the word about a given topic. This type of entertaining and engaging content is particularly useful for businesses looking to build brand recognition or engage in strategic content marketing.

Written by a team that has extensive experience in keyword implementation and usage, we offer you a final product that will help you meet your goals. If you like, we can also teach you how to best implement articles into your existing content plan to get the most return on your investment.

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