The word “selfie” has quickly become ingrained in the American vernacular, ushered in, mostly, by millennials snapping photos of themselves doing everything from sipping a latte to riding a roller coaster. This trend was bolstered by social media sites, including Facebook and Twitter. However, no social media site has played a larger role in the selfie phenomenon than Instagram.

Instagram is a social media site, based exclusively on photo sharing. Users simply upload a picture, add a filter and share it with their followers, along with a short caption. While many casual users do upload selfies (among other photos), savvy business owners can learn to harness the potential of this photo sharing site and channel that into business growth. This is not to say that business owners should upload selfies to Instagram and hope for business growth, but it can be beneficial to understand more about this social media forum often overlooked by marketers and business owners.

One of the biggest benefits to using Instagram as a marketing tool is that it is completely free and very simple. In just a few minutes, users can create a user account, connect with their existing Facebook account and begin sharing photos with the world. This offers the opportunity for a business to do any or all of the following to attract new clients:

  • Showcase the personal side of your business
  • Allow clients to “see” what your company does
  • Provide a creative outlet to display your products
  • Show a “fun” side to your company
  • Establish a familiarity between your clients/potential clients and your company

Many small businesses use Instagram as a storefront to “display” new products and ideas. You can share the “story” of your company or share the passion that you have for your business through photos. It is a free way to visually portray to your potential clients why they should consider your company. It is fast, free and has unlimited potential, in terms of the amount of people you can reach.

Would you like to learn more about how your business can benefit from Instagram? Let us help you grow your following and even explain how a business, through analytics, can track their success in garnering new clients. While Instagram may have been built on the popularity of the selfie, you can understand how to use this site to springboard your business to the next level, connect with a new clientage and use picture to tell your story. Instagram is not just for selfies, it’s for smart business owners, too!






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