Seeking Input From The Right Sources


In the quest to seek beneficial advice and meaningful input, you may find yourself vulnerable to bad advice. As a career-oriented individual, you know the value of seeking the input of others more experienced than yourself, but you must be able to effectively filter out what is actually good advice and what could have a negative impact. If you own your own business or are preparing for a jump into entrepreneurship, you may not have a team of people to bounce ideas off of and work through difficult situations. When the need for advice arises, don’t hesitate to get the support you need — just be sure that you are going to the right source.

Friends and family love and support you, but they may not be the best source of financial or business-related advice. While these people may offer input and provide you with a compassionate, concerned sounding board, be very careful about following the advice of people with no experience or a limited business background. While no advice can be frustrating, bad advice can be detrimental.

Advice from other entrepreneurs or successful business people can be a great resource, but be wary of the person who is overconfident. Simply because one scenario played out successfully does not mean that yours will have the same result. When a person is adamant that you follow exactly what he or she did, chances are, you are not receiving advice, you are receiving a list of instructions that may not actually be relevant to your situation.

Be wary of advice from individuals who may have conflicting interests, who have no financial or business acumen, or who have no practical experience in what you are dealing with. Most advice is offered with good intentions, but always use common sense and your instincts when receiving input or advice. If you are in need of guidance, be very specific about what you need. General advice sounds nice, but you need pointed, specific solutions and suggestions in order to resolve your situation effectively. Go to the right source, be smart and use common sense, and you will be able to sift through the not-so-great advice to find the real nuggets of wisdom.

By Meagan Kerlin for Vertu Marketing

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